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Loral and Arnold Schwarzenegger in late 2013.


The Loral Langemeier Story – A Glimpse Into YES! Energy

Loral Langemeier is a true American success story. She did not start out life with money or connections. Rather than realize her obstacles in life, she focused on the possibilities. By age 17, Loral built her first business, a health-training company.
At age 19, while paying her own way through college, Loral created a business specializing in corporate wellness and human performance. As a personal trainer and aerobics instructor, she taught 16 to 18 hours a week, while earning a double degree and playing basketball for her college team.
Loral graduated from the Wesleyan University of Nebraska with Bachelor degrees in Business Administration and Finance, followed by a Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Following graduation, Loral contracted with Chevron to teach health, fitness, and nutrition to workers on oil rigs off the coast of New Orleans. At 24, she entered a new contract with Chevron to build over 200 fitness centers on offshore rigs and partnered with a professor of engineering and a team of students at Louisiana State University.
Loral rose to a senior-level position with Fortune 500 Company Chevron in San Francisco and spent five years in corporate America. While continuing her own businesses on the side, Loral developed her secret formula of the wealthy: to manage and build a portfolio to create even greater wealth.
After meeting Robert Kiyosaki in San Francisco (before his Rich Dad, Poor Dad series), Loral created the distribution system of his financial board game Cashflow 
as a teaching tool for those who want to go back into entrepreneurial-ism. She approached Kiyosaki about helping expand his cash-flow game, and worked with him as a Master Distributor until 2001.
Pursuing her life-long plan to be millionaire by age 35, Loral reached that goal two weeks shy of her 34th birthday, while getting ready to be a single mom. Her portfolio at that time contained Real Estate properties, businesses, gas/oil, and notes.
With her friend Bob Proctor, Loral created and produced the audio CD and workbook “The Expression of Your Power,” a guide to overcoming limiting beliefs and paving the way for success.
Loral soon established Live Out Loud, her coaching, mentoring and consulting company. During this time, she published her paperback books “Building Your Wealth Cycles” and “Building Your Business, Leading Your Business, Protecting 
Your Business: Discover the 7 Step Process That Will Accelerate Your Business and Position It As an Asset in Your Wealth Building Plan”; and recently” Put More Cash in Your Pocket“. She also created and released two companion audio CDs and workbooks, “Building Your Wealth Cycles” and “Building, Leading and Protecting Your Business.” The paperback Guerilla Wealth, by Loral and Jay Conrad Levinson, was published in this period of Loral’s career as a financial coach and expert.

Loral produced a series of CDs, videos, and workbooks, including “Real Estate as Leverage,” “Real Estate GPS.” She creates Live Out Loud’s “Wealth Diva” curriculum for women entrepreneurs.
Released in early 2006, Loral’s hardcover book “The Millionaire Maker: Act, Think and Make Money the Way the Wealthy Do” is a best-seller on The Wall Street Journal Personal Finance list and the Business Week best-seller list. “Loral is the real deal…she actually makes millionaires,” says T. Harv Eker.
Later that same year, she hit the nation’s top best-seller lists again with “The Millionaire Maker’s Guide to Wealth Cycle Investing“, a #1 best-seller on the USA Today Business list and a #2 best-seller on The Wall Street Journal list, that also became a best-seller on The Wall Street Journal Business list (#5), The New York Times Business list (#4), and among the top 50 on the USA Today Book list.
Published in June, Loral’s title “The Millionaire Maker’s Guide to Creating a Cash Machine for Life” is a #1Wall Street Journal bestseller and a #1 USA Today Money list bestseller; it also hits the bestseller lists of The New York Times and Business Week. Jim Cramer says, “You want to keep up with the Joneses, be my guest. You want to trounce the Joneses, don’t just read this book, act on it.” Via the Cash Machine online book club, 5,200 people in 17 countries read Loral’s third Millionaire Maker book together, online.
On the Fox Business channel, Loral was a on America’s Nightly Scoreboard and Fox & Friends Sunday AM show.
October 2009, saw the release of her USA Today and Amazon best-selling book “Put More Cash in Your Pocket“. She made the #2 spot on the USA Today Money list and was #1 on Amazon’s Mover’s and Shakers list and #5 on the overall list.
She appeared as a principle on two episodes of CNBC-TV’s “The Millionaire Inside” national television special. During this time, Loral’s aggressive event schedule took her to more than 60 stages nationwide, where she appeared regularly with Trump’s Learning Annex.
Loral has been a weekly guest columnist on Gather.com and for TheStreet.com, an in-depth financial analysis and news website co-founded by CNBC host, Jim Cramer.

Loral grew Live Out Loud into a multi-million company in only five years. A highly sought-after money management expert, she has appeared in USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, on television at CNN, CNBC and Fox News Channel, and on the web at ABCNews.com, Forbes.com, and BusinessWeek.com. She has appeared as a money expert on The View helping teens grow their fledgling businesses and Dr. Phil, advising families in financial crisis about making more money. Her popular web site, www.liveoutloud.com, receives nearly 8,000 hits a day.
Her company, Live Out Loud, was named as one of the 15th Fastest Growing Women-Owned Businesses in 2007 in the San Francisco Bay Area by the San Francisco Business Times and has since ranked every year.

Her stage appearances continue to broaden to encompass international stages, including Tony Robbins Wealth Mastery Stage, Chris Howard Stages in the United States, Australia and England; appearances on stages with Mark Victor Hansen, 
Harv Eker, Todd Dotson, John Rutledge, Brian Tracy and many other notable speakers; a National Keynote on eWomen Network’s stage; Tupperware’s Leadership Convention keynote speaker; Speaker at Sisel International Conventions all in addition to her Live Out Loud events, including Cash Machine Workshops.
Her fifth book, “Yes! Energy: The Equation To Do Less Make More“, skyrocketed to number one on Barnes and Noble and Amazon best seller lists and debuted at number four on the New York Times and number nine on the Wall Street Journal best seller lists. Yes! Energy was number 51 on USA Today’s list of the bestselling books in the country the same week it was released. However the book is just the beginning of something much greater – a new movement, the Yes! Energy Movement, in which we can now become fully engaged in a new conversation. A conversation in which “Yes!” is the only answer required for success. In the words of Langemeier herself, “Say yes and then figure out how.”
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